How to make chicken (chick) modular origami video lesson for beginners (3D origami)

Video description

This video shows step by step assembly chicken (chick) 3D origami for beginners.

We will need 45 triangular pieces (modules): 40 yellow and 5 red

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

We make two rows, connecting pieces. In the first row of the pieces 4, the second - 5

Making the third row of 6 triangular pieces

Making the 4th row of the 5 pieces, corners in the previous row while leaving free.

Making the 5th row of 6 pieces.

Making the 6th row of the 5 pieces, corners in the previous row also reserve free

Making the 7th row of 4 pieces, corners again left free

In the 8th number using the third pieces, the corners of the free reserve

In the 9th - 2 pieces, corners in the previous series also make free

Body our future chicken in the technique of modular origami is ready.

Make paws of red pieces

Make a comb, using two red pieces (modules)

Cut out of colored paper beak and eyes, and glue to the chicken

The chicken (chick) is ready

To make a 3D origami chicken in general:

1st row is 4 triangular pieces;

2nd row - 5;

3rd row - 6;

4th row - 5;

5th row - 6;

6th row - 5;

7th row - 4;

8th row - 3;

9th row - two triangular pieces (modules).

Now you now how to make chicken 3D origami (in the technique of modular origami)

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